Variable Frequency Multiplier (VFX) Converters


The technology can be used to greatly improve power converter efficiency when delivering energy from high-voltage dc or ac sources to variable (or multiple) low-voltage dc loads.

Problem Addressed

Power electronics at the grid interface level have poor efficiency and their efficiency typically falls off rapidly at reduced loads such that average efficiency and losses are even worse.


The invention proposes a converter architecture that uses "Variable Frequency Multiplier" (VFX) inverters and rectifiers and associated controls to achieve extreme high-efficiency conversion across a wide range of operating conditions in terms of input and output voltages and power levels. VFX circuits are high-frequency inverters and/or rectifiers that change operating modes to provide "gear shifts" that increase the range for which high-efficiency operations are maintained.


  • Increases peak and average efficiency and power density
  • Minimizes device stress and switching loss
  • Reduces loss and conversion ration of the transformation stage