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From submitting an invention to understanding ownership, we offer numerous resources and services to help you navigate the complexities of the tech transfer process, taking the innovation from protection to commercialization.


Submit Disclosure

Protect your ideas and secure your potential for commercialization. 

IPIA & Ownership

Sign the Inventions and Proprietary Information Agreement (IPIA). 

Understanding Intellectual Property

Get answers to all your questions about MIT’s intellectual property policy. 

Tangible Property Agreements

Initiate the process of transferring materials. 

Software and open-source protection

Empowering creators through diverse software licensing.



Technology Transfer Overview

Discover the world of technology transfer and how it impacts you.

Patenting & commercializing your invention

Commercialize your invention with TLO’s help.

Approved Vendors for MIT Merchandising

Connect with approved vendors to produce your MIT merchandise.

Students: Exempt Programs & Thesis

Navigating MIT's IP landscape and thesis rights.

Understand IP 

Educational resources and more around protecting IP.



Connect with Your Licensing Officer

Identify your licensing officer with Research@MIT.

Office Hours

Office hours available in-person and online to get your questions answered. 


Discover TLO events shaping innovation. 

Contact Us

Connect with the TLO through our contact form. 


Contact Us

Connect with our team to explore opportunities and gain insights into licensing and IP protection.