We serve as critical partners, bridging connections between innovators and industry to change the world, one technology at a time.

Our Mission

In the spirit of MIT’s mission to advance knowledge, the TLO moves innovations and discoveries from the lab to the marketplace for the benefit of the public and to amplify MIT’s global impact. We cultivate an inclusive environment of scientific and entrepreneurial excellence and bridge connections from MIT’s research community to industry and startups by strategically evaluating, protecting, and licensing technology.

Our Vision

Together in close partnership with inventors from all corners of the MIT community, our office works to amplify the Institute's global impact by advancing innovations and discoveries from the lab to the marketplace for the benefit of the public.

The MIT TLO will be an equitable, inclusive organization recognized as a global leader in technology transfer dedicated to advancing MIT technologies for societal impact, having:

  • People with deep expertise and thought leadership in all aspects of technology transfer.
  • Partnerships both within and outside of MIT that facilitate ease of engagement with stakeholders and process excellence through the entire technology transfer value chain.
  • Stakeholder Focused Teams that provide innovative solutions to challenges that arise and produce high quality work products that provide outstanding value to stakeholders.
  • Optimized Processes that support all stages of the technology transfer lifecycle.

Our Team

With a deep knowledge of all aspects of the tech transfer process (licensing, business development, and legal matters), our highly specialized staff provide significant and valuable expertise to the MIT community across a broad array of fields.

Organizational Chart

Our organization chart offers an overview of our dedicated staff, showcasing the interconnected roles and teams that drive our mission forward. In this visual representation, you'll find a structured layout of our staff, highlighting the key areas of expertise and leadership within our office.


Improving the world around us is one of the most important goals of technology transfer. Our new technology transferred to industry enhances industrial competitiveness, brings new and sometimes life changing products and services to the public, and fosters economic development and new jobs.


Each year, we compile data and insights that not only reflect our journey over the fiscal year. Our reports are more than just numbers; they're a testament to our commitment to transferring intellectual property from the lab to the marketplace and showcasing our year-long endeavors.

Career Opportunities & Internships

Join our team and you too can play a valuable role in supporting world-class research at MIT.

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Connect with our team to explore opportunities and gain insights into licensing and IP protection.

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