Transverse Fiber Lasers


This invention has interesting applications in medical imaging, sensing, bio-sensing, textile fabric displays and security systems.

Problem Addressed

Applications of existing fibers are limited since they emit radiation only along the fiber axis. There is a need for a new fiber technology that emits radiation along its surface to enable new applications.


The invention is a fiber that exhibits laser emission that is radially directed from its circumferential surface. The cylindrical fiber-cavity structure consists of a hollow-core multilayer photonic band gap fiber, and an organic dye gain medium that is introduced into the core. The complete photonic band gap provides the longitudinal confinement of the higher-frequency optical pump and at the same allows light to travel along the fiber at steep angles (with respect to the fiber axis).  Hence, a stable, axially symmetric ring-like radiation from the extended surface is produced.


  • Offers unique control over the direction and polarization of the lasing wave front
  • Inherently wavelength scalable