Fabrication of Large-area Hexagonal Boron Nitride Thin Films


Hexagonal Boron Nitride (h-BN) refers to a highly stable structure of Boron Nitride which takes the form of a thin film. It has many attractive properties, including high-temperature stability, chemical stability, a low dielectric constant and high strength. These properties allow it to serve a wide variety of applications (such as lubrication, electrical insulation or light emission) in a wide range of environments.

Problem Addressed

At present, methods to fabricate h-BN are very limited, due to difficulties in controlling its surface morphology, chemical composition and thickness. The current technology describes a means of growing h-BN which overcomes these challenges through the use of a novel growth surface and growth substrates.


The h-BN thin film can be grown on a metal surface (such as nickel, platinum or copper) in conjunction with a precursor (such as borazine). The overall growth time and the flow rate of the precursor can be varied to determine the eventual thickness of the h-BN film. After growth, the film is coated with a protective support layer (such as a polymethylmethacrylate polymer), allowing the metal surface to be etched away. Finally, the film can be applied to the eventual target surface, and the protective layer can be removed. This method can be used to grow high quality, large-area thin films of h-BN.


  • Enables the fabrication of high quality, large area thin films of h-BN