Permute Codes, Iterative Ensembles, Graphical Hash Codes, and Puncturing Optimization


  • Wireless internet
  • Cell phone wireless standards
  • General wireless communication protocol

Problems Addressed

The increasing demand of high speed data communication has given rise to a demand for a system that achieve efficient and reliable digital data transmission and storage. For large-scale systems a high throughput of data transmission is a vital for the reliability and overall efficiency of the  system. Furthermore, the system reacts to channel degradation and large scale transmission is impaired. Factors such as noise, interference, and multi-path fading make conditions worse. The need for a protocol that provides efficient communication than can also adapt to channel condition variables is desired. 


This invention discloses a new class of error-correction codes called Permute Codes. The codes allow the original message to be converted into a symbol for transmission over noisy communication channels. Next, the receiver gets the noisy version of the original message and is able to translate the noisy symbol back into the original message by comparing it to a few highly probable constellation points.


  • Provides an efficient method for data transmission
  • Allows for  error correction of messages over noisy conditions 
  • Adapts to channel conditions and provides high speed data communication