A Comprehensive Screen to Assay for PARP Protein Function and Small Molecule Inhibition


This technology uses poly-ADP ribose polymerase (PARP) inhibition to boost RNAi efficacy and has applications as a research tool and therapeutic.

Problem Addressed

RNA interference (RNAi) blocks expression of a protein by using anti-sense RNAs bind with extreme specificity to degrade a target mRNA. RNAi is widely used as a tool in research labs to knock down expression of a gene. Additionally, the FDA recently approved the first RNAi therapeutic. This technology is a novel method for increasing the activity of RNAi.


This technology uses PARP inhibition to boost the efficacy of RNAi targeting. These inventors discovered that PARP12/13 expression prevents effective RNAi-mediated degradation of the target mRNA and that blocking PARP12/13 expression leads to re-activation of the RNAi degradation pathway, thereby boosting mRNA degradation. These findings indicate that PARP suppression has the potential to boost RNAi responses, and suggests that PARP inhibition could be used in combination with RNAi therapeutics to increase cellular responses.


  • Increased RNAi-mediated mRNA degradation through PARP12/13 inhibition