MSES - Software for High Lift Multielement Airfoil Configurations


MSES software code aids in the analysis and design for high lift multielement airfoil configurations.  It can be used to: 

  • predict lift and drag of multielement or single element airfoils 
  • predict local flow features such as boundary layer separation & transition 
  • investigate effects of geometry changes.  

MSES is a collection of initialization, solution, and graphics programs all accessing a common data file.  It is written in FORTRAN under DEC Ultrix, and currently drives Tektronix or X Window System graphics

Ready to Sign License Available

Please visit our Ready to Sign instructions page to learn how to request a license. The two types of licenses available for MSES and their respective costs include the following (please click on either type below to download the license as a fillable PDF): 

Contact the TLO to request a Government Contractor or Agency license.

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