Ready to Sign Technologies

Ready to Sign Software End-User Licenses

Many of MIT’s End Use Software programs are available under Ready to Sign license agreements, which incorporate standard terms and conditions available only to parties who complete and return the agreement to MIT’s Technology Licensing Office, as signed by an authorized representative, without modification.

Steps for Completing a Ready to Sign Software End-User License

  1. Download the PDF license agreement and invoice at the end of each page and fill out the PDF license agreement. Licensee must have a valid contact address, e-mail address, and phone number. The license agreement will not become effective until it is reviewed and fully executed by both parties. Note that MIT’s issuance of a license is subject to satisfactory completion of MIT compliance and internal policy reviews.  
  2. Fill out the invoice for the license issue fee, if applicable.
  3. Return one PDF copy of the partially signed, by an authorized representative, license agreement and invoice along with the appropriate payment (see invoice for instructions) to:

If you require a copy of fully executed license agreement, please return two original partially signed license agreements along with invoice and appropriate payment to the address below:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Technology Licensing Office, Rm NE18-501
255 Main St., Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02142-1601
Attention: Software Licensing Officer
Tel: 617-253-6966


  1. The license agreement will not become effective until it is reviewed and fully executed by both parties.
  2. The date of the last signature below shall be the Effective Date of the license agreement. 
  3. A fully executed license agreement will be returned for Licensee’s records using the Licensee’s contact address or e-mail address provided in the license agreement.
  4. If a purchase order is required for the license issue fee, please return the signed license agreement and purchase order electronically to All purchase order must be free of any additional T&C as the license agreement shall be the sole document that governs this transactions.
  5. The licensed Software will not be delivered to Licensee until the license agreement is fully executed and payment is confirmed by TLO.
  6. Licensee may contact directly if minor revisions are requested. Please note, additional administrative costs will be added to the license depending upon the proposed revision.