TLO Statistics

The Technology Licensing Office makes available statistics on its activity related to technology transfer each fiscal year. Please click below to download our available collateral.

Current Statistics

FY2022 (July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022)

TLO Inaugural Annual Report

TLO FY2022 Fact Sheet

TLO FY2022 Tech Transfer LifeCycle


Past TLO Statistics 

FY2021 (July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021)

TLO FY2021 Fact Sheet

TLO FY2021 Tech Transfer LifeCycle

FY2020 (July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020)

TLO FY2020 Fact Sheet

TLO FY2020 Tech Transfer LifeCycle

FY2019 (July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019)

TLO FY2019 Fact Sheet

TLO FY2019 Tech Transfer LifeCycle

FY2018 (July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018)

TLO FY2018 Fact Sheet

TLO FY2018 Tech Transfer LifeCycle