Forms that protect IP rights

All forms are available at the MIT TLO office, Room NE18-501, or you can print a copy from the links below and mail it to our office.

Please use the online disclosure form to submit invention disclosures.  

If you have any questions regarding these forms, please call 617-253-6966 or stop by NE18-501 for more information.

Inventions and Proprietary Information Agreements (IPIA)

MIT Employees and Graduate Students

Every MIT employee needs to sign this form upon joining MIT.

Visiting Personnel and Students

All Visiting Personnel and Students (professors, scholars, and research affiliates) who are involved in research at MIT are required to sign a Visiting Personnel and Students Invention and Proprietary Information Agreement. We would appreciate it if the appropriate form could be completed either before the arrival of the Visiting Personnel or Student, or within the first week of his/her arrival.

Other Forms

If you hold equity in a company with which MIT has a license agreement you must fill out a Conflict Avoidance Statement.

Submit the Thesis Waiver form if you feel MIT cannot or should not claim copyright ownership to your thesis. MIT does not assert rights to your thesis if it was authored without sponosored research funds and without significant use of MIT administered facilities/funds. Please note that any such waiver of the Institute's copyright shall be subject to a royalty-free grant from the student to the Institute to publicly distribute copies of the thesis, in whole or in part.

On occasion, if you and an outside organization  want to share information with one another that is confidential you may need a Non-Disclosure Agreement.