Merchandise & Approved Vendors

The MIT Technology Licensing Office (TLO) and MIT Communications Initiatives (CI) work together to review and approve designs for MIT-branded merchandise. Licensees are required to provide a PDF of proposed designs for new items and for items being reordered to MIT departments will need to submit designs to, and MIT student groups will need to submit designs to

According to MIT’s trademark license agreement, MIT has 14 days to respond to your design submission. We will, however, make our best effort to respond within 3 to 5 business days.

Upon design approval, we may request a production sample using the actual manufacturing process and materials to review the production quality.



MIT Merchandise Team

Licensed vendors should contact 
MIT departments should contact
MIT student groups should contact

  • To review proposed designs for MIT-branded merchandise
  • For permission to use an MIT mark
  • To request high-resolution files of the MIT logo and seal
  • For licensing information
  • With questions about the appropriate placement of the ® or ™ symbols
  • With questions about these design guidelines
  • For assistance with logo file formats



Looking for merchandise for your club, event, or DLC (department, lab, or center)? Choose from these four approved vendors! These vendors have a relationship with the TLO and understand the MIT style guidelines. This helps get you the branded merchandise in a timely manner. Reach out to the vendor directly to inquire about MIT goods. 



  • 4Imprint is integrated into MIT’s Buy2Pay system under “Additional Stores.” This will allow you to browse the store as normal, but save you a step by allowing you to check out within the B2P system.
  • 4Imprint offers a 10% discount on goods for MIT.



  • QRST’s is a small Somerville screen-printing and embroidery business located about one mile from MIT’s campus. Their design lab can be found here.
  • Customer-supplied apparel to print and embroider on is accepted.
  • Contact 617-625-3335 or
  • Mention you are ordering from an MIT group for a 10% discount


Spry International


Fresh Prints (apparel only)

  • Nas Khan, Sales Manager­­­,
  • 585-326-4062
  • Fresh Prints offers a 10% discount on MIT goods.