Conduct your own patent search

As a service to the MIT community, the TLO and Innography have made available a new private and secure patent search tool, PatentScout™. 

PatentScout is a University-wide offering to anyone with an email address.  It requires a one time registration and login.  You may begin using PatentScout today.

Find additional information in the PatentScout Patentability Guide [PDF] that provides some tips for searching with PatentScout and a Patentability Workflow for performing prior art searches.

The TLO is available to assist within any questions you may have about this patent search tool, email us at 

If you find patents/patent applications that are similar or potentially related to an invention you are developing you MUST disclose this to our office at the time you submit an invention disclosure. The U.S. Patent Office requires that any “prior art” (or public information) inventors know about must be submitted along with their patent application.