Ready To Sign License Instructions

If you would like to request a Ready to Sign license agreement, please follow all the instructions below. To learn what End Use Software is available for the Ready to Sign license program, please visit this page.

All licenses, including academic licenses, are between MIT and your company, university, or institution, and not you (or a faculty member) individually. The license must be signed by an authorized representative at your company, university or institution.

The license agreement will not become effective until it is reviewed and fully executed by both parties. Note that MIT’s issuance of a license is subject to satisfactory completion of MIT compliance and internal policy reviews.  

Instructions for Ready to Sign License Completion:

  1. Download the PDF license agreement from the appropriate software landing page and fill it out. The Licensee must have a valid mailing address, email address, and phone number.
  2. Fill out the invoice for the license issue fee, if applicable. The invoice form is included in the fillable license agreement PDF.
  3. Submit the license agreement (signed by an authorized representative, for Universities or Research Institutions, authorized signer must be at least a faculty or equivalent level) and invoice along with the appropriate payment (see invoice for payment instructions) to the TLO via
  4. The TLO cannot accept payment through vendor portals due to limited capacity at this time. Please see alternative payment options.

Please Note:

  1. The license agreement will not become effective until it is reviewed and fully executed by both parties.
  2. The date of the last signature on the executed agreement shall be the Effective Date of the license agreement. 
  3. A fully executed license agreement will be returned for End User’s records using the email address provided in the license agreement.
  4. If a purchase order is required for the license issue fee, please return the signed license agreement and purchase order electronically to the TLO. All purchase orders must be free of any additional terms and conditions as the license agreement shall be the sole document that governs this transaction.
  5. The licensed Software will not be delivered to End User until the license agreement is fully executed and payment is confirmed by TLO.
  6. Ready to Sign licenses are largely non-negotiable. End User may contact the TLO directly if minor revisions are requested. Additional administrative costs will be added to the license depending upon the proposed revision.
What if I am a State University or Department and I can’t agree to Indemnification or Jurisdiction?

A: Please contact the TLO directly for specific accommodations.

How many users can share the license?

Q: How many users can share the license? At my location? At my company at any location?

A: The number of users per entity/location is unlimited. 

Can my legal/purchasing department make changes to an agreement?

Q: My legal/purchasing department wants a Word copy of the Agreement or wants to make changes – how do we do that? 

A: These licenses are largely non-negotiable. Please contact the TLO to ask.

Is support available for using the licensed software?

Q: Do I get support? How do I get it? (do the authors send this to the licensee with the software?)

A: The software license does not include support. Our authors may be able to offer minimal support by request but nothing is guaranteed. Please contact the TLO for information. 

When and how will I receive the software?

Q: When do I get the software? What it the process for delivery? Who will I get it from?

A: Software is delivered via email after the license agreement is executed by both parties and MIT confirms receipt of payment.

How do you manage different billing and shipping addresses or if we are purchasing with a 3rd party service?

Q: How do you manage different Bill to: Ship to: and in some cases, if purchaser is using a 3rd party purchasing service? In these cases who is the “Customer” and how are they handled in your finance and license management systems?

A: The license is between MIT and the End User so the document should be populated with the End User information. We are able to accommodate working with 3rd party purchasing services upon request but do not offer reseller discounts.