Our Team

TLO Senior Management Team

Lesley Millar-Nicholson
Director, TLO
Director, Catalysts, OSATT
Lauren Foster
Associate Director

Manages Life Sciences Technology Licensing Team

Director of IP and Strategic Alliances at Koch Institute

Medicine, Cell Biology, Biotechnology, Diagnostics
Jim Freedman
Associate Director

Manages the Physical Sciences, Software, & Copyright Licensing Team

Consumer Products, Chemicals, Instruments
Jonathan Hromi
Assistant Director, Intellectual Property

Manages Patent Administration Team

Marlene Mack
Assistant Director, Operations

Manages Office Operations Team

Zineta Borogovac
Assistant Director, Finance

Manages Financial Operations Team

Life Sciences Technology Licensing Officers

Headshot of Lorraine Laham
Lorraine Laham
Technology Licensing Officer

BioPharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Devices

Ben Rockney
Technology Licensing Officer

Medical Devices, Cell Biology, Analytical Instrumentation, Digital Imaging, Photonics

Christina Hedberg
Technology Licensing Officer

Biotechnology, Therapeutics, Biomaterials, Biological Science, Tissue Engineering, Diagnostics

Don Corcoran
Technology Licensing Officer

Therapeutics, Biotechnology, Biological Sciences, Biomaterials

Jim Roberts
Technology Licensing Officer

Diagnostics, Imaging, Biologics, Optics, Radiation, Nutraceuticals

Physical Sciences, Software, & Copyright Technology Licensing Officers

Nestor Franco
Technology Licensing Officer

Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials, Nanotechnology

Jeffrey Mintzes
Technology Licensing Officer

Software, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Algorithms, Cybersecurity, and Imaging

Kennedy Nyairo
Technology Licensing Officer

Material Engineering, Photonics, Sensors, Optical Networking, Optical Components, Nanotechnology

Daniel Dardani
Technology Licensing Officer

Coordinator of Singapore-MIT GAMBIT, Software, Computer Sciences, Copyrighted Software, Algorithms, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning and Vision, Gaming Technology

Deirdre Zammit
Technology Licensing Officer

Semiconductor Materials, Devices, Electronics

Myron Kassaraba
Technology Licensing Officer

Software, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Imaging and Computer Vision, Communications

Linda Chao
Technology Licensing Officer

Physical Sciences, Communications, Materials, Nanotechnology, Electronics, Semiconductors

Associate Licensing Officers

Andrew Moomey
Associate Licensing Officer

Assists Lauren, Christina, and Don with Licensing

Charles Miller
Associate Officer

Manages Incoming Material Transfer Agreements

Technology Licensing Associates

Meredith Noble headshot
Meredith Noble
Technology Licensing Associate

Assists Christina and Lauren with licensing. 

Lynn Liu Headshot
Lynn Liu
Technology Licensing Associate

Assists Dan and Myron with software licensing. 

Alexis D'Alessandro Headshot
Alexis D'Alessandro
Technology Licensing Associate

Assists Linda and Deirdre with licensing.

Amelia McGowan
Technology Licensing Associate

Assists Jim Freedman with licensing.

Josh Rand Headshot
Josh Rand
Technology Licensing Associate

Assists Ben with licensing.

Aidan Fowler
Technology Licensing Associate

Assists Myron and Dan with licensing.

Emalee Couture
Senior Technology Licensing Associate

Assists Kevin and Nestor with licensing.

Kate Beriont Headshot
Kate Beriont
Technology Licensing Associate

Assists Ben and Lauren with licensing.

Headshot of Tyler Guitroz
Tyler Guitroz
Technology Licensing Associate

Assists Jim Roberts and Don with licensing.

Caitlyn Ward Headshot
Caitlyn Ward
Technology Licensing Associate

Assists Deirdre and Linda with licensing. 

Financial Operations

Sanjay Ray
Royalty Distribution and Equity Coordinator

Royalty revenue distribution; Equity

Gloria Garrison
Financial Assistant

Accounts Payable; Legal Bills

Nick Northrup Photo
Nick Northrup
Financial Coordinator

Collection Specialist

Emily Brown
Finance/Intellectual Property Administrative Assistant
Andrew Donaghey
Accounts Receivable Specialist

Patent Administration

Caroline Basque
IPIA and IP Agreement Administrator
Allison Madden
IPIA Assistant

Provides IPIA Administration Assistance

Susan Oujli
Senior Intellectual Property Paralegal

Assists the Physical Sciences licensing team

Joseph Lee Photo
Joseph Lee
Intellectual Property Assistant
Laura Lapsley
Senior Intellectual Property Paralegal

Assists the Life Sciences licensing team

MIT Use of Name & Trademark

Peter Bebergal
Technology Licensing Officer
Use of Names, Trademark
Cory Tasley
Sr. Trademark & Use of Name Administrative Assistant

Assists Peter with Trademark licensing and Use of Name


Karen Baird
Communications Officer

Oversees all TLO communications, outreach, and marketing programs. Manages TLO Marketing Interns.

Office Operations

Cathy Jin Photo
Office Operations
Cathy Jin
Sr. Human Resources/Archiving Administrative Assistant
Office Operations
Tenzom Shongnak
Compliance Administrator
Office Operations
Helene Rivera
Sr. Federal Compliance Assistant
Office Operations
Alexandra Ramos
Office Operations Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistants

Chanel Palmer Photo
Chanel Palmer
Administrative Assistant to the Senior Management Team

Assists TLO Senior Management Team

Stephanie Starbard
Administrative Assistant

Assists Ben, Christina, Don, Jim Roberts, Lorraine, Lauren, and the MTA team.

Ashley Dessources
Administrative Assistant

Assists Deirdre, Jeffrey, Kennedy, Linda, Myron, and Nestor

Information Technology

Thomas Brand
Thomas Brand
Systems Administrator
Jeff Lura
Senior Analyst Programmer

Database Management, Data Analytics, Tableau Development