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Material transfer agreements (MTAs) are contracts governing the transfer of tangible research materials between organizations for non-clinical research purposes.  Biological materials, such as genetically engineered mice, cell lines, plasmids, and vectors, are the most frequently transferred materials, but MTAs may also be used for other types of materials such as chemical compounds and prototype devices. Different agreements are used to send and receive data and/or confidential information. Use this link to submit a request to exchange data and/or confidential information. The MTA defines the rights and obligations of the providing and the receiving parties with respect to the materials, including issues such as intellectual property, exchange of results and publication. MTAs are useful to establish expectations between the parties and are strongly encouraged, and in some instances required, when: 

  • Sending or receiving human tissues for research purposes. 
  • Exchanging materials with a commercial organization.  
  • Sending out materials that have been received by MIT under an MTA with a third party. 
  • Sending or receiving materials created under a Sponsored Research Agreement. 

Exchange of materials for research purposes is handled by OSATT Core. To submit a request for an incoming MTA to receive materials, click here. To submit a request for an outgoing MTA to send materials, please send an email to  

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Different types of agreements, such as material evaluation agreements and tangible property license agreements, are used to support the transfer of tangible materials between MIT and companies for evaluation in support of future licensing activities or for commercial purposes. If you are interested in providing materials to a company for these purposes, please contact the Technology Licensing Officer (TLO) who manages your portfolio. If you do not know who your TLO is or do not have a TLO please contact us at 


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