Submit Your Disclosure

Submitting an invention involves providing a description of your invention or development to the TLO. The submission (also called a technology disclosure) should also list all sponsors of the research and should include any other information necessary to begin pursuing protection and commercialization activities.

Inventors are encouraged to contact our office and/or submit an MIT Technology Disclosure Form as early as possible in the inventive process, before a public disclosure of the idea or invention. The disclosure form is designed to gather specific information that will enable evaluation of the invention's patentability and commercial potential.

If you are disclosing Biological and Tangible Material, please use the Disclosure Form for the Biological and Tangible Materials.

If you are disclosing software code, use the MIT Software Code Disclosure Form.

If you are from Lincoln Laboratory, you should download the Lincoln Laboratory Technology Disclosure Form or Lincoln Laboratory Software Technology Disclosure Form.

If you are disclosing other copyrightable materials (such as video, music, maskworks, or designs), please use the MIT Software Code Disclosure Form or the Lincoln Lab Software Technology Disclosure Form. Please select “Other” as your form type. Please contact the TLO with any questions.