IP Considerations for MIT $100K Competitors

For MIT students entering the MIT $100K competition, please view the YouTube video below to learn more about intellectual property (IP) considerations for competitors. If you are entering the competition and may be utilizing MIT-owned IP, you'll need to meet with a licensing staff from the TLO to discuss the usage of the IP.  

You can download this presentation slide deck here

Please visit the following links to learn more about:

Disclosing an invention to the TLO: https://tlo.mit.edu/disclose-protect-your-intellectual-property/submit-your-disclosure

Guidance on IP Ownership (Office of the Vice Chancellor): https://ovc.mit.edu/guiding-principles-regarding-student-intellectual-property-rights/

Managing Conflicts of Interest: https://coi.mit.edu/community-coi-portal/all-coi-guidance-documents/useful-information-if-you-are-thinking-about

If you have questions about whether you may be utilizing MIT-owned IP as part of your MIT $100K application or any other concerns about how IP is managed within the competition, please contact the TLO at tlo-inquiries@mit.edu and we will connect you with one of our licensing staff who can answer your questions.