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Scaffolded DNA origami has previously been demonstrated as a way of creating nanostructures made of folded DNA with user-defined geometries. However, RNA origami—the same principle as DNA origami but with RNA serving as the nucleic acid scaffold—has been explored less, with especially little focus on DNA/RNA hybrid origami (which is one embodiment of this technology that uses both DNA and RNA in the same nanostructure). In light of its potential for numerous clinical applications, there is a need for robust methods of producing 3D RNA-scaffolded origami. This technology meets this demand by outlining a process of creating customized RNA and DNA/RNA hybrid scaffolded origami with user-defined polyhedral geometry. RNA origami offers unique advantages not possible through DNA origami, such as biomedical delivery of mRNA, characterization of the tertiary structure of long RNAs, and production of artificial ribozymes.