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This technology comprises a papillomaviral delivery vehicle. The papillomaviral delivery vehicle comprises an HPV-derived capsid encapsulating a gene editing material.  This method also provides the ability to edit a polynucleotide target in a cell using the papillomaviral delivery vehicle. The method includes: 

  • Transducing a cell containing the target to be edited with the papillomaviral delivery vehicle; then 

  • Allowing the gene editing material to edit the polynucleotide target. 

The papillomaviral delivery vehicle can improve packaging and delivery of genome editing complexes. For example, this technology allows larger inserts such as, but not limiting to, minicircle vectors, nucleases or nucleases coupled to deaminase, DNA binding nucleases (Cas DNA-binding nucleases), reverse transcriptases, integration enzymes, reporter genes, HDR templates, guide RNAs, ZFN, TALEN, meganucleases, to be packaged.