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This biocompatible device, which has been tested in porcine models, is composed of elastomeric tubing and a retention frame made of materials such as elastomer wire and shape-memory alloy elastic wire. The technology could be implemented in a variety of shapes like a J-hook, sphere, series of circles, or toroid-inspired shape. Regardless of final form, the device is capable of being stretched out straight (to a fully elongated length of at least 28.66 cm) in order to be administered transesophageally. The drug can be delivered using a series of cylindrical pills composed of the drug and a nonerodable matrix like vinylpolysiloxane. Each pill contains a 0.5 mm hole, such that many pills can be strung together on a superelastic wire. The pills may include a coating such as Eudragit NM 30D to prevent a burst release of the drug, as well as excipients like polyethylene glycol to control the rate of drug release. The technology also includes a specialized retrieval device, which utilizes a sensor and magnet to locate and extract the device from the body transesophageally.