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This nanofluidic pump is well suited for a range of applications in the medical field, such as withdrawal of fluids or delivery of therapeutics through a parenteral implant in a human patient. Companies in the pharmaceutical space may be interested in leveraging the pump’s ability to perform micro-invasive label-free liquid biopsies by tracking the onset and progression of disease in animal models of human pathologies. This could drive the discovery of new biomarkers of human disease and guide the creation of novel therapeutic drugs. Likewise, pharmaceutical and medical device companies may want to deploy this pump for the parenteral delivery of extremely low volumes of therapeutic drugs, enabling accurate individualized dosing with minimal off-target effects. There are also potential applications of this pump outside the biomedical industry. A range of industries rely on microfluidic and nanofluidic devices, and this pump can drive bidirectional flow within such devices with high precision while retaining its compact design and small physical footprint.