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The exchange field based junction consists of an alternating superconductor (SC) and ferromagnetic insulator (FI) multilayer in the order SC/FI/SC/FI. Due to IEF, the upper part of the device can operate as a Josephson junction when the two ferromagnets are magnetized antiparallel. However, in the case of parallel magnetization, the structure suppresses superconductivity resulting in significantly decreased current for a millivolt bias. This binary system is both nonvolatile and observable as an enormous change in device resistance. The conductive state is controlled by the relative magnetization orientation of the neighboring ferromagnetic insulators. Magnetization orientation can be set with a topological insulator and a high atomic number layer. A gate voltage is applied between the topological insulator and the high atomic number layer, causing a change in the ferromagnetic layer through spin-orbit-coupling.