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A number of attempts at creating a vision correcting display have been made in the past, some making use of light field display technologies, while others have opted for multilayer devices with integrated prefiltering methods. However, the former often resulted in substantially lower resolution images than conventional displays, while the latter resulted in greatly reduced image contrast.

The presented technology mitigates these negative effects by striking a balance between the strengths of light field displays and the robust nature of prefiltering algorithms and inverse blurring techniques. This allows for a dynamic visual correction method without the same degree of drastic loss of image resolution or contrast, utilizing standard off-the-shelf hardware. This method of light field prefiltering allows for a dynamic solution to the problem of visual correction that can address a range of optical problems and has the potential to be tailored to the needs of the individual user. Furthermore, this method may also be used to accommodate higher-order conditions that many traditional methods are unable to sufficiently correct.