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This technology has applications in a wide range of areas in the consumer electronics industry. Any device incorporating a digital camera would benefit from sufficiently robust deblurring methods, which would improve the quality of pictures taken by their users. It has potential applications for both the manufacturer, in the form of an onboard system, and the consumer, as a supplementary software. Furthermore, the technology has potential applications in the field of profession photography as a means to easily correct blurred pictures without the need for reshoots or intensive image retouching.

This technology would appeal primarily to companies that produce digital cameras as well as those that produce devices with integrated cameras, such as smartphones or tablets. If this system could be deployed on such devices, it would allow the manufacturer to boast higher image quality as a key selling point. Furthermore it would allow them to advertise their device as being the premier choice for capturing candid images.  In addition, companies that produce image retouching and editing software may find the deblurring system and techniques to be a useful addition to their platform. It has the potential to be integrated in some capacity into an existing photo-retouching software for consumer grade purposes, as well as be developed into a standalone professional-grade image editing software.