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This technology detects active MMPs using a multifunctional probe that binds selectively to the active form of many MMPs and facilitates conjugation to a fluorescent tag through a biotin functional group. The identity of probe-bound MMPs can be detected with commercially available, color-coded beads conjugated to antibodies against specific MMPs. Quantification of the fluorescence from both the probe and beads are then compared to standards of known concentration and used to very accurately determine the concentration of the individual constituent MMPs. The inventors demonstrate that this technology works on samples from cell culture supernatant, menstrual fluid, and peritoneal fluid. Additionally, MMP detection is both sensitive and specific and can accurately detect MMP-1, -2, -3, -7, -9, -10, and -12 at concentrations as low as 100 molecules per microliter of sample. Finally, this technology is can easily be multiplexed, and is compatible with high-throughput screening techniques.