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The Inventors employ secret sharing and time-bound concepts to build this continuous authentication protocol. They use the Shamir secret sharing scheme whereby shares of secret s are generated and distributed to n shareholders, from which t out of n shareholders can reconstruct the secret. They use the (t, n) scheme not to secure the secret by distributing its shares to n entities, but rather to authenticate the Claimer (secret and shares generator) to the recipient (Verifier) in a pre-defined time frame. This way, the Verifier will be able to link the received share to its original secret, thus authenticating the Claimer without performing costly public/private key operations.

In addition, the Inventors’ protocol employs time-bound concepts in which each share is tied with a time such that the share can only be revealed when the time it ties to is reached. This approach enables the realization of the ‘continuity’ in authentication as each time-bound share reveals a portion of the shared secret (authenticator) which enables the Verifier to authenticate the Claimer at any point in time during the session time-frame.