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This non-patented technology consists of a software game that simulates the behavior of quantum particles based on rules of quantum mechanics. The game models two-state quantum particles, called qubits, as two-sided coins with a red and a blue side. A single coin exists inside of a box with two doors, which represent two ways of preparing and measuring the qubit.

Governing rules of the game include state preparation (red or blue side up, door 1 or 2), outcome observation (close and then open door 1 or 2), and gate operations (with the qubit hidden) for single or two-qubit systems. These game rules enable a variety of simple selections and outcomes to simulate quantum behavior and encourage intuitive understanding of quantum mechanics. Game implementation is possible on mobile devices (e.g. iPhone, Android devices, and tablets) or on programmable toys (e.g. Sifteo or LEGO).