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Atlas of Lighting collects datasets using Open Data platforms and APIs from various sources. These sources include: The American Community Survey 2014; 5 Year Estimate; National Land Cover Database 2011; VIIRS Nighttime Lights dataset of Earth Observation Group; Google Places API; Instagram API; Street View Image API; and Google Cloud Vision API documentation.

The data are collected, automatically analyzed and pre-processed. Then, based on the desired type of data, the data is sent to a GIS software for further analysis and processing. This allows data to be merged into grid cells which are then fed into the web application through .csv files. The tool is composed of a database, a web application, a web server, and a migration/data service app and uses Google Cloud Platform's Compute Engine Service VM. The Inventors build their own development, deployment and management systems on top of this, and opt to use microservices architecture instead of serving database and application from different platforms. Through container technology, each of these components run independently but in a coordinated way.