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  • TripEnergy produces accurate estimates for the energy requirements of trips without requiring extensive additional data collection about the conditions of the trips or vehicle performance characteristics. Rather, it uses existing databases. The model has been shown to be accurate based on extensive validation. This unique capability is based on new insights on travel energy consumption behaviors.
  • Because of its unmatched computational efficiency, TripEnergy can provide real-time feedback to users regarding the energy impacts of their choices.
  • Realistic energy use predictions will allow drivers, apps, and policy makers to choose or incentivize travel choices that maximize energy efficiency and minimize pollution. This is in contrast to imperfect proxies such as total travel time or total vehicle miles traveled.
  • The functionality can extend beyond vehicular energy consumption to monitor other sources of energy consumption in daily life. For example, it allows users to track the carbon impact of their lifestyle choices in real time and predictively evaluate the energy and pollution effects of buying a new vehicle, moving to a new household, and installing residential solar panels. The model provides a unique degree of accuracy that allows the impact of such sources to be reliably quantified.