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MITSIMLab : A Simulation-based Lab for Evaluating Impacts of Alternative Traffic Management System Designs

MITSIMLab is a simulation-based laboratory that was developed for evaluating the impacts ofalternative traffic management system designs at the operational level and assisting insubsequent refinement. Examples of systems that can be evaluated with MITSIMLab include advanced traffic management systems (ATMS) and route guidance systems.

MITSIMLab was developed at MIT’s Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Program.  Professor Ben-Akiva, Director of the ITS Program at MIT, and Dr. Koutsopoulos, from the VolpeCenter, were co-principal investigators in the development of MITSIMLab. Dr. Qi Yang, of MITand Caliper Corporation, was the principal developer.

The source code can be download under open source license from the Intelligent Transportation Systems Lab Web site link  below.  Technical information can also be found on that site.

To obtain a commercial license or one without the limitations of the open source agreement, please contact the licensing officer using the link on the left side of this page.