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These inventions provide novel designs and fabrication methods for solid-polymer electrolyte lithium-ion batteries. The technology provides a method to reduce resistance across the electrode by introducing novel block copolymer electrolytes for solid state rechargeable lithium batteries . The technology also presents a modification of the chemical structure of the block copolymer electrolyte conceived in the first invention to create a self-doped polymer electrolyte.  The technology presents methods of predicting the potential utility of metal dichalgogenide compounds for use in lithium intercalation compounds and for processing lithium intercalation oxides with the structure and compositional homogeneity to increase the formation energies of said compounds. Moreover, the novel technology provides enhanced ion host particles, polymer electrolytes, and electrodes for lithium batteries. The host particles can be made by dispersing precursor powders, drying the suspension, heating the powder to cause crystallization and other precipitation and co-precipitation techniques, and are then arranged as an electrolyte in a battery.