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  • Can scale to the sub-mm3 size needed to power MEMS and "smart dust"
  • Thermoelecric wave with peak specific power as much as 761.6 kW/kg (6008.3 μW/mm3)
  • Chemical-to-electrical conversion efficiency of thermopower wave devices, in excess of 1%, with sustainable fuels such as sucrose and NaN3, can be achieved, and this produces energy densities on par with Li-ion batteries operating at 80% efficiency (0.2 MJ L-1 versus 0.8 MJ L-1)
  • Reaction front velocity was 10 to 100 times faster than bulk trinitramine
  • Can be applied to collections of nanotube/nanowires for scale up
  • Present an environmentally friendly alternative (metal-free) to lithium ion batteries