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Aromatic molecules, including reduced graphene oxide (r-GO), PTCDA, and PTAS are used as a seeding layer on diverse surfaces. The aromatic seeds are suspended or solute in DI water and the optimized concentration for growth of MoS2 monolayer is increased with growth temperature. Prior to the surface treatment, the samples are cleaned with piranha solution for making surface. Prior to the synthetic process, the substrates are treated with the seeds solution. A monolayer of MoS2, or some metal dichalcogenide, is grown via chemical vapor deposition on the growth substrate surface seeded with aromatic molecules. The seeded aromativ molecules are contacted with a solvent that releases the metal dichalcogenide layer from the growth substrate. The metal dichalcogenide layer can be released with an adhered transfer medium and can be deposited on a target substrate using PDMS and a tiny droplet of DI water.