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This invention uses a mechanical feedback loop to control the chemical decomposition of hydrogen peroxide to self-regulate the actuation pressure. Moreover, this technology uses a chemical approach to achieve portable and silent pressure generation. It specifically focuses on on-demand pressure generation by mechanical self-regulation of decomposition of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into oxygen (O2). With a unique mechanical self-regulation mechanism, this chemical reaction is controlled to keep the pressure constant at a predefined value. The invention includes an elastomeric structure with embedded fluidic channels and a chamber enclosing a chemical monopropellant that acts as a pressure source. As the monopropellant is broken down by a catalyst to produce gas, the pressure will increase within the chamber causing air in the chamber to compress and pull a movable boss into the retracted position to cover the catalyst, thereby regulating the pressure within the chamber. Another key feature is its rotation-invariant usage, which allows the battery to operate in any orientation.