Sponsoring research

Since its founding, MIT has fostered a problem-solving approach that encourages researchers to work together across departments, fields and institutional boundaries. The resulting collaborations have included thousands of fruitful partnerships with industry and other leading research institutions.

Many companies sponsor research at MIT by providing funds to support a research project on a topic of mutual interest.


Research Administration Services

The Technology Licensing Office supports MIT’s Research Adminstration Services (RAS) and OSATT Core in negotiating intellectual property terms for Sponsored Research Agreements (SRAs) and Industry Sponsored Research Agreements (ISRAs). 



Industrial Liaison Program

The Office of Corporate Relations' Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) promotes MIT/Industry collaboration, encouraging the flow of knowledge and resources between the Institute and innovation-driven companies for their mutual benefit. The ILP is the largest conduit between corporations and MIT. Over 200 companies have become members of the ILP to improve their access to MIT and advance their research agendas.

Visit the ILP website.