Using MIT's Name

Faculty and Staff

All faculty and staff members should assume responsibility for preventing misuse of the Institute’s name and marks. In teaching, research and other academic activities of the Institute, MIT's name and marks may be used, subject to the normal review processes established within schools, departments, centers and programs. However, when a faculty or staff member is involved in activities not directly associated with MIT (e.g., independent consulting, other business activities, publications, etc.), use of MIT's name and marks is limited to identification of the individual by his or her affiliation (e.g., Jane Smith, Professor of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Faculty members and others engaged in activities involving business relationships with third parties may contact the TLO for information and assistance on name use issues.

Misuse may arise from consulting activities, in public reports made by individuals, or through failure to abide by MIT's restrictions governing the use of results obtained during research or investigations on behalf of commercial firms. For this reason any press conferences or public announcements should be coordinated with the MIT News Office and the TLO.

It is also important that faculty and staff members not allow their own names to be used in ways that state or imply Institute endorsement in connection with project or product promotions.  It should be understood clearly that opinions expressed by a faculty or staff member in preparing a report or paper under a consulting agreement or personal service contract are the opinions of the individual and not an official position of the Institute.  Use of the Institute letterhead or address or other identification that might associate the conclusion of the report with the Institute should be avoided.

Students and Alumni

Students and alumni may not use MIT’s name and marks in association with any commercial activity or outside venture without written permission, except to identify themselves (i.e. Jane Doe is a student at MIT or Jane Doe is an alumnus of MIT). In so using the MIT name to identify themselves in connection with commercial activities conducted with outside individuals or entities, students and alumni should assure that the MIT name is used in such a manner that does not imply Institute endorsement or responsibility for the particular activity involved.

Student and alumni groups that have official MIT or MIT Alumni Association recognition, and are registered as such, may use the MIT name in association with their Institute-sanctioned activities.

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