Use of Name/Trademark

Using MIT’s Name

MIT’s Technology Licensing Office (TLO) is responsible for coordinating, reviewing and approving Use of Name requests at MIT, pursuant to Section 12.3 of MIT’s Policies and Procedures, Use of Institute Names and Marks.

MIT's name and marks may be used only in connection with activities that meet high standards and are consistent with the Institute's educational, research and related purposes.  Whether a use is proper often turns on the specific facts of the case. The TLO will work with individuals and organizations on a case-by-case basis, and any use of MIT’s name requires prior written authorization.

All questions should be addressed to the TLO directly at 617-253-6966 or

For more information, please refer to the Using MIT’s Name page.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology and MIT are registered trademarks of the Institute. MIT trademarks are licensed to others for use in connection with such products as T-shirts and hats; they are not generally licensed for use in connection with MIT intellectual property, software, patents, and copyrightable material. Any issues relative to the use of trademarks in connection with products should also be referred to the TLO.

For more information on becoming a licensee, please refer to the Trademark page.