The Technology Licensing Office connects industry to the technologies developed at MIT, and we welcome companies to get to know us personally. We find it most effective to work with a company individually to identify areas of interest and to bring inventions that specifically match a company’s needs to its attention.  With 700 new invention disclosures coming into our office each year, our portfolio is constantly changing. Please contact us when a particular technology need arises.

Companies, investors and entrepreneurs are often interested in the following:

Finding and Licensing MIT Technology

If you are exploring licensing opportunities at MIT, we can be your guide to a wide range of technology solutions and the researchers behind them. Please visit Licensing MIT Technology to learn more. Please be aware that these are not all of our available technologies. For specific inquiries, please contact us. 

Connecting with Faculty and Researchers

If you are looking to sponsor research or to find the right faculty member(s) to address your specific needs, please visit Sponsoring Research at MIT to learn more.

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

If you would like to provide material to MIT researchers or obtain material from MIT, please visit Sharing Research Materials to learn more.

Questions on License Payments

If you have questions regarding the financial obligations of your license, option agreements, or royalty distributions, please visit Payment FAQs for Licensees to learn more.

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