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This technology platform involves an elastomeric array of thousands of nanowells where cells in suspension can be single-cell identified by automated epifluorescence imaging and recover by micromanipulation. This platform has the ability to (i) image large areas of tissue samples and biopsies for increased throughput, (ii) have a large spectral depth (e.g., 10-30 color channels for 10-30 markers), (iii) automatically scan large areas for scarce cells, (iv) pick the scarce cells, (v) maintain cell viability for further functional characterization (cells can be kept alive during processing), and/or (vi) provide dynamic and secretory measurements of individual cells, all in a single device. In contrast to conventional systems, which take days for identifying cell types and relevant information, this technology incorporated a software capable of analyzing cells in real time providing results and information in under 20 minutes.