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This invention presents a button battery coating consisting of a waterproof, pressure-sensitive quantum tunneling composite (QTC). It is non-conductive when immersed in conductive fluid environments, and it allows the battery to conduct normally when pressed upon by the electrode in a battery housing.

Standard button batteries in conductive fluids form electrolytic currents that cause tissue damage and breakdown of the gasket separating the anode and cathode. Within hours of immersion, they begin to release harmful battery contents. In contrast, quantum tunneling composite coated (QTCC) button batteries do not result in damage or current loss. When immersed in a simulated intestinal environment, QTCC button batteries do not produce electrolysis and do not release the harmful battery contents. Hence, these QTCC button batteries, when swallowed, prevent the external current responsible for tissue injury and the leakage of harmful battery contents. 

Electromechanical characterization demonstrates that QTCC button batteries remain sealed from contact with conductive bodily fluids and require approximately twice the pressure supplied by the adult esophagus and gastrointestinal tract to conduct.  QTCC button batteries should drastically lesson or even prevent the button battery from short circuiting after ingestion.