In accordance with MA government directives to restrict exposure to Covid-19 by closing many physical workspaces, and also following best practices in “social distancing,” MIT has necessarily restricted most on-campus and in-person work activities.

However, the MIT Technology Licensing Office is fully operational on a remote basis. We continue to support the innovation activities of MIT’s research community and we are available for all day-to-day business engagements. Our business hours are Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5:30pm EST.

Please see below for some guidance on specific questions you may have on conducting business with the TLO.

For information on MIT’s response to Covid-19, please visit

As part of its commitment to enable the transfer of technologies Covid-19, the MIT Technology Licensing Office was a developer and initial signatory of the COVID-19 Technology Access Framework. Read more about it here

Contacting the TLO


You may leave a voicemail at our main office phone number 617-253-6966. Messages are checked daily during the work week and distributed to the TLO staff who can best address your inquiry.


You may directly email any member of the TLO. Our staff is listed (here:

You may find our list of general mailboxes here:

If you are unsure who to contact, please email with your question.  

Video Conferencing

TLO members can conduct video conferences over Zoom or Webex. To learn how to use these tools, please refer to these resources:


Disclosing Your Invention to the TLO

If you are an MIT Inventor, you can learn more about how to submit your disclosure to the TLO via our online submission portal here:

Technologies that can be received via this portal include:

  • Inventions
  • Software Code
  • Biological and Tangible Property
  • Copyright (non-software: such as video, music, maskworks, or designs)

If you are a member of Lincoln Laboratory, you can access the Lincoln Laboratory Invention Disclosure Form or Lincoln Laboratory Software Disclosure Form here:

Licensee Royalty Reports and License Payments

Royalty reports can be submitted electronically to

We recommend royalty payments be made by wire or ACH to MIT. Please contact to get specific instructions on how to submit these kinds of payments. 

Invention and Proprietary Information Agreement Form (IPIA)

At this time, we can only accept electronic and scanned IPIA forms. Scanning includes the option of taking a photo of your signed IPIA form or using a scanner app on a mobile device. To learn more about the IPIA and which form you need to sign, please visit this page.  

Please send your signed and scanned IPIA to as well as any questions you may have about this process. 

Use of Name and Trademark

The TLO is still fielding all Use of Name requests per our standard practices. Please direct all questions to

We continue to process requests for Trademark licensing and usage from companies as well as MIT student and department merchandise requests. Please note there may be a slight delay in approving trademark requests so please take this into account when placing your order. 

Please direct any trademark related questions to the mailboxes below:

General trademark questions for new
Current trademark licensees:
MIT Student groups:
MIT Departments:

Sponsored Research at MIT

Sponsored research continues at MIT. Please review the Research Administration Services website to learn how you can engage in MIT research.