MIT Community

As researchers at MIT, you create discoveries of great significance to the academic and business communities with benefits to the general public. The TLO’s job is to work with you to bring these breakthrough discoveries to the widest possible audience by:

  • Evaluating your inventions for commercial potential
  • Securing protection for inventions, where appropriate
  • Working with industry to ensure appropriate development and commercialization of your inventions

If you have any questions about a technology or invention developed in your lab, about starting new companies or any of the other topics listed above, please contact the TLO for advice and assistance.

We hope that this section answers many of the questions you may have as an inventor. You may also find An Inventors Guide to Tech Transfer a valuable resource for understanding the technology transfer process.

As a new service to MIT, anyone in the MIT community with a “” url can conduct patent searches using a private, secure patent search tool from Innography called PatentScoutTM